With a passion in helping others, I devoted my career to the community service sector, where I studied Youth Work and went onto Social Work, however due to an opportunity within the employment services, I deferred studies and went on to work for half a decade with Employment Services. However, I encountered a horror situation of seriously injuring my back at work, however it was rejected when it come to compensation, regardless being a productive, passionate individual, it has driven me almost insane not being able to return to work as an Employment Adviser.  Due to the injury, I am now restricted in what type of work I am able to engage in.  After weeks researching and reviewing different options, taking into consideration my past experiences, skills and my capabilities, in conjunction with my drive to help others I had an idea.

I could help others in finding employment privately.  I have been highly recognized for my skills set and my ability to work effectively with clients in achieving their employment objective.  In the duration of a month, I was once able to successfully find work placement for twenty clients.  That’s less than two days per client in that month to find employment for them.  Therefore I’ve decided that I am going to be able to help others in finding employment privately.

Having worked for Australian Job Services and Disability Employment Services for the last 5 years, I have developed an insight into employers hiring processes.  Being the socialite that I am, I also took the opportunity to ask questions to employers regarding their ideal methods of receiving information from the applicants and what they mostly look for in Résumés.

As todays world revolves around technology, I have discovered a generation which are less fortunate then todays generations in terms of using technology, therefore I have developed a service to cater for these people which includes applying for the position online for them.

I have worked with a wide range of customers from lawyers, psychologists, graduates, teachers, machine operators, mining personnel, oil and gas, trades, hospitality, farming, youth work and community services to women re-entering the work force, people who have just been released from jail and even skilled in disability employment services.  Whilst each client presents a unique situation, I was able to work effectively and assist the client in obtaining employment or upskilling in addition to providing the client the skills and abilities to find meaningful employment.

Whilst my passion in assisting others has shined through my abilities to promote and network employers and candidates to engage in interviews.  In 2013 an opportunity was presented for homeless young people to engage in a educational training and ongoing employment within the construction industry.  I nominated 3 of my clients who were accepted into the group of 20 young people, however by the end of the course only 4 young people remained, 3 of the young people being my clients.

Throughout my career, many people have told me I should work for myself, as the passion and dedication I put into work goes unnoticed by the executives and usually creates hostility due to those who fear I will take over their positions.  In reality, I come from the country and believe in hard work, you are paid to work not gossip or fail to meet deadlines.  Therefore I am giving myself the opportunity to see how right they were.I also believe that having university studies in Sociology/Psychology has equipped me with an advantage in understanding the different mind frame of employers and knowledge of what is the most appropriate way to achieve working effectively with IT and HR systems and procedures to ascertain the best opportunities in gaining employment.

Australian Online Résumés and Career Consultancy are now serving the entire Australian community. We specialize in individual, tailored employment advice to provide you with the skills and tools to obtain employment within your desired industry. Our staff offer quality and reliable advice and guidance that you can rely on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff are here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

Whether you need a Résumé, application letter or advise on unlocking the hidden market in finding employment, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Australian Online Résumé and Employment Consultancy our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

Our obligation is to ensure we see you through the entire job searching journey until you sign your official contract for employment. Whilst ensuring you are receiving honest, accurate and most effective advice targeted to your particular industry and skill base.

One by one we endeavour to provide elite services with a range of applications and effective Résumé writing.  Through hard work and endless hours of conversations and research, Patricia has established and equipped herself with insightful information, tips, tricks and knowledge of the expectations throughout numerous businesses, industries, companies and contractors within Australia.  This has resulted in a wide range of skills, abilities and understanding not only how to write effective Résumés but how to communicate efficiently and deliver your application with the information the employer is looking to find the ideal candidate.  Patricia has a great passion for the employment industry and has vast experience in assisting individuals to overcome barriers and find sustainable employment.  Patricia takes pride in ensuring her customers are entirely happy with the product and services and stands by her work backed with full refunds. Payment via Paypal allows additional customer protection with their money back guarantees.

Patricia believes that “Succeeding in the employment industry is based on understanding the different requirements of both the employer and employee, combine this with the right method and you could have the job of your dreams within no time” and that “as a potential applicant for a position, you need to think like the employer not the applicant to standout from the crowds”.

 Patricia’s goal is to provide you with elite services, information and details on creating the most effective application for your desired position within the employment sector.

Australian Online Resumes and Career Consultancy was established in late 2014 to continue sharing my knowledge and experience within the employment sector, whilst coming to terms with a major workplace injury, which is still affecting every aspect of my life today and resulted in the need of a wheelchair. However I will not let this stop me, I will not waste my vast understanding and developed knowledge relating to employability using developed sociology and psychology theories, in addition to field experience and professional networking. Enabling you the opportunity of a lifetime! Email me today direct at patricia@aoracc.com to find out how I can help you achieve your goal and be your best.

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