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Thinking about a career?

Thinking about a career? In today’s society, the opportunity to change careers has enable people to explore different fields of experience, therefore hesitating on commencing your career should not be prolonged. Let’s face it otherwise, you will end up at 50 still deciding on what to be come. I would suggest writing a strengths and …

Need help finding and gaining employment?

Got the experience but not getting the jobs? Is your employment Résumé certified to comply with new requirements of an effective E-Résumé? Many people are unaware of the electronic applications and software which are used to choose the retrieve prime candidates for a position, reducing the endless time spent by Human Resources. Human Resources time …

Looking for work but not getting any bites?

Looking for work? Idealistically a strong application needs a strong resume to promote and sell your skillset ensure the correct terminology as most employers use some from of resume filtering systems. If you are wishing to have your resume updated to comply with the requirement of achieving your goal, then please do not hesitate on …

Australian Standard Classification of Occupations Dictionary

Here is a link to assist with identifying correct terminologies in resume writing, this is a golden bible and will assist you in compiling an elite resume which is sure to make an impact where ever it goes.

Australian Standard Classification of Occupations Dictionary can be located at,%20First%20Edition.pdf

I do also have a hard copy and pdf, however the file appears to be a little large for transfer as it is over 30mbs.

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Some other interesting sites include
Job Analysis: Job Classification Systems

Australian Standard Classification of Occupations 2nd edition

1291.0 – A Guide to Major ABS Classifications, 1998 ABS

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Including the Training Organisation on your Resume

On your resume do you include the registered training organisation (aka RTO)? I continue to see resumes without the names of registered training organisation where people have completed their education and training. Just like people there are some dodgy registered training organisation out there and employers know them!! Therefore not including the registered training organisation on …

Welfare Rights

For those faced with diversity and hardship here are some links to vital information when dealing with Centrelink and Social Services found via  Useful websites Centrelink and Family Assistance   For information about Centrelink: Department of Human Services For access to the Guide to Social Security Law: Department of Social Services For access …

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Preamble Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of …

Disability and Aged Care

For those injured in the work place or have retired, I have encounter issues with standards within the home care services and would like to raise some information relating to Human Rights. Human rights and health 29 December 2017 Key facts The WHO Constitution (1946) envisages “…the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental …

Harden the F*%& Up Princess Peach

Man up and talk about your emotions! Did you know, it is society’s fault that men have this attitude of the toughen up princess syndrome… Let’s face it, when a 2yo girl falls over what do we do? We empathize, provide emotional support and reassurance. When a 2yo boy falls over, what do we do? toughen up princess! Yes we have been psychologically programming children over the generations to act and respond in a particular way, thanks to feminism for identifying the inequality. Therefore say you grow up with mum n dad stuck in the 1800s this is going to result in old fashion expectations, assumptions, beliefs, morals in comparison to say someone grow up within a single parent house hold, or raised by highly educated parents. So when someone says toughen up princess… what do you think? Personally, I think your poor soul… deprived of emotional intellect and general overall well being. Moral of the story why does this mean it’s ok to hold your believes above another’s? Simply, in other words who died and make you king of philosophical thoughts? Being an avid researcher and higher academic relating to sociological, psychological and environment conditioning, I must point out, for all the princes out there who are toughen up, you may be a king, a king of your own lunch box. On this note, continuously hearing and seeing responses like harden up, just makes me question, as an employer perhaps the industry needs to implement debriefing sessions or perhaps a little cognitive behaviour therapy within the workplace environment could hold the answer to achieving respect and empathy out on site – thinking I should get out pen and paper and create a CBT course to address the stigma and irrational beliefs about the human species. What do you think about the matter? #raisingsuicidualawareness #fifo #noprincesshere #hardcoremen #showingempathy #interpersonalskills #teamwork #respect #limitedknowledge #limitededucation #knowledgeispower

Jobs in Australia, 2011/12 to 2015/16

KEY FINDINGS Jobs in Australia is a new release that provides aggregate statistics from the recently developed Linked Employer-Employee Dataset (LEED). It provides new information about filled jobs in Australia, the people who hold them, and their employers. Jobs in Australia describes all job relationships accumulated over the course of a year. This means that …

Following Up with a LinkedIn Connection

Templates for following up with LinkedIn connections. Hello [Connection’s Name], Thank you for accepting my LinkedIn invitation. It has been a pleasure to join your network thus far. I have also reviewed your company’s website and I can be of service to your business. I was wondering if you would be available for a 10 …

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