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Building and Construction General On-site Award 2010

Here you will find the Workplace links to the Award Wage for Building and Construction within Western Australia.

Building and Construction General On-site Award 2010

Part 1—Application and Operation

1. Title

2. Commencement and transitional

3. Definitions and interpretation

4. Coverage

5. Access to the award and the National Employment Standards

6. The National Employment Standards and this award

7. Award flexibility

Part 2—Consultation and Dispute Resolution

8. Consultation

9. Dispute resolution

Part 3—Types of Employment and Termination of


10. Types of employment

11. Daily hire employees

12. Full-time weekly hire employment

13. Part-time weekly hire employment

14. Casual employment

15. Apprentices

16. Termination of employment

17. Industry specific redundancy scheme

Part 4—Classifications and Minimum Wage Rates

18. Classifications

19. Minimum wages

20. Expense related allowances

21. Site and general wage related allowances

22. Special rates

23. Inclement weather

24. Living away from home—distant work

25. Fares and travel patterns allowance

26. District allowances

27. Accident pay

28. National training wage

29. School-based apprenticeship

30. Higher duties

31. Payment of wages

32. Superannuation

Part 5—Hours of Work and Related Matters

33. Ordinary hours of work

34. Shiftwork

35. Meal breaks

36. Overtime

37. Penalty rates

37A. Requests for flexible working arrangements

Part 6—Leave and Public Holidays

38. Annual leave

39. Personal/carer’s leave and compassionate leave

40. Community service leave

41. Public holidays

41A. Leave to deal with Family and Domestic Violence

Part 7—Industry Specific Provisions

42. Lift industry

43. Forepersons and supervisors

Schedule A—Transitional Provisions

Schedule B—Classification Definitions

Schedule C—National Training Wage

Appendix C1: Allocation of Traineeships to Wage Levels

Schedule D—School-based Apprentices

Schedule E—Part-day Public Holidays

Schedule F—Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance

Schedule G—Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave

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