Judgements are part of human behaviour

While we like to think everything is blooming sunshine and lollipops realistically when it some to finding employment your ever word will be judged, let’s face it a pile of 120 resumes by about the 10th you skim the page looking for weaknesses to throw in the no go pile, by about the 60th résumé your just skimming skills are impeccable, by the end there’s about a pile of say 30 potential candidates so now for the hyper critical phase of nitpicking so to speak, this ones to close to retiring so ‘this person won’t be here long’, this one only has this ‘experience’, this one seems to ‘unstable’, this one has orange hair and it will ‘clash’ with the uniform, this one hasn’t acknowledged ‘safety’, this one like nightclubbing let’s say they will ‘never on time in the morning’, this one like Curry’s ‘it will cause issues with the kitchen users complaining again’, this one knows three languages that’s good, this one has all the experience and skills they are a keeper, and basically you get the drift of the ongoing saga. So the moral of the story is when constructing your résumé be sure to limit the information to only positive aspects and do your research on the employer and include their values, ethics and moral if possible. In the mean time making your résumé set out in a particular way influences the readers ability to take in the data effectively. Do not write paragraphs in a story context rather in a running sentence of skills, abilities and experience. Beneath display an achievement you gained with the time frame to highlight contribute to increasing productivity, or sales etc.

Anyhow cheerio for another night folks.

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