Looking for work but not getting any bites?

Looking for work? Idealistically a strong application needs a strong resume to promote and sell your skillset ensure the correct terminology as most employers use some from of resume filtering systems. If you are wishing to have your resume updated to comply with the requirement of achieving your goal, then please do not hesitate on sending your current resume to patricia@aoracc.com and I will get back to you with a quote.


AORaCC does not just create any old resume, it is created and set to target your dream role enabling you to obtain a position which is as close to your dream as possible. So, don’t leave it to late and get in before the end date otherwise you might just find you’ll have to wait, for your dream position to appear in the paper once again, lets hope it won’t be too long, why wait?


Check out what we can provide not only do you obtain a word and pdf version enabling you to change or add any wording which may be used on the application you are applying for, but we also conduct tailored research for every Résumé.  This may include reviewing past employers to look for awards they have won, wither they are ISO accredited, identify the values and morals of the company and gather some of the terminology used. We are about quality not quantity, here we have built our reputation on effectiveness and quality. If you do some research and read the reviews and the screenshots in my work group or page this should give you an unbiased perception from customer experiences located on our AORaCC facebook page via flicking through the photos and data within the review section via www.facebook.com/aoracc1

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