Got the experience but not getting the jobs? Is your employment Résumé certified to comply with new requirements of an effective E-Résumé? Many people are unaware of the electronic applications and software which are used to choose the retrieve prime candidates for a position, reducing the endless time spent by Human Resources. Human Resources time should be spent on the organization’s culture and increasing training to improve the bottom line, dealing with any personality conflicts and supporting current employees in addition to seeking people for employment.

Time and time again highly developed individuals are missing out on their ideal job due to their Résumés not being compliant with the methods and systems used today.

I can provide for the entire application processes, from writing a Cover Letter, Résumé and research and apply for positions relevant to your idealistic role. So, if you do not have the time or find it stressful sourcing your next project, then drop me a line at If you would like Résumé assistance, please include a copy of your current Résumé when emailing or messaging to provide you with the correct information and a tailored quote. Thankyou.

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