Raising Awareness on Illicit Drug Use and Abuse

In todays society drugs contribute to people missing out on lifetime opportunities or losing their jobs which can spiral out of control VERY quickly and be fore you know it your captured in the web of destruction. So while some may be there at the moment, I am studying vigorously to work with the community in addressing the needs of society. Therefore, I have chosen to explore and support Addictions, in particular Illicit Drug Use. You can follow my posts and detailed status on a variety of topics to increase and create discussion around the use of Drugs within the community.

So on this note;

Please come join my group relating to Academic Research on Illicit Drugs, we all know someone affected by drugs so I believe that knowledge must be the key, just like the famous philosophizer who stated power is knowledge, I endeavour to provide you the power of knowledge through sharing up to date articles relating to academic research in todays society. Please share this link or page with anyone you know is dealing with someone who is abusing drugs to help develop a stronger understanding of how the drugs and how to deal with the situations that arise.

For the time being here is a direct link to the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/324135101597529/

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