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In today’s era of online computing, Recruitment Software packages, Résumé Grabbing software, Automated Résumé screeners and online applications all contribute to your success rate.  Having an effective Résumé is vital to ensure your application is seen by human eyes.   Many companies and businesses use software to assist in the recruitment of new employees, this includes the screening of Résumés.  The software screens Résumés for particular wording which is set by the recruiting personnel, and when a Résumé is processed if it contains a particular amount of the certain words are identified then the Résumé will proceed to the hiring person.

You may have all the skills and experience for a position, however, if you don’t have current and correct wording, your Résumé will not be seen.

At Australian Online Résumés and Career Consultancy, I have engaged with many hiring personnel from a range of industries and have inquired regarding their perceptions on the ideal Résumé and what it is hirers look for in a quality Résumé.  This has provided me with a vast knowledge on constructing Résumés for any given industry.  Each industry has preferred expectations on the information provided on the Résumé, an example of this is in the mining industry, a vast range of detailed information is required, as you will note from the online application forms and the questions which are included.  Whereas in the bricklaying industry, a less detailed Résumé is required, if a Résumé is required at all.

Please send your Résumé to patricia@aoracc.com for a free quote to upmarket your Résumé for today’s opportunities successfully.

All resumes are provided within a Word Document and PDF format enabling you to update your resume at any time to change is to suit a particular job.

Résumés are touch typed and are produced with extensive research into previous employers and training certification to ensure vital information and wording is visible to engage the application process ensuring an effective outcome.

With today’s technology, large organizations use Résumé scanning software to assist the Human Resources department with finding candidates for job roles.   This creates some issues for people who are qualified for the position, however, do not have the correct information on their Résumé, please do not miss any more opportunities and ensure you have the following information on your resume at the very least. I have seen and saved many individuals from this dilemma and if you need assistance I can help you also.



Information Required:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Driver’s license class


Information Required:

  • Year Completed

  • Course Title

  • Course Code

  • Name of the Registered Training Organisation


Information Required:

  • Month and Year of Employment Position Dates

  • Position Title

  • Employers Name

  • Roster


Information Required:

  • Full Name

  • Position Title

  • Business Name

  • Contact Phone Number

Additional Information

Information Required:

  • What is your greatest achievement?

  • Have/do you have any engagement with sporting organizations or extracurricular activities?

  • Have you ever won any awards or acknowledgment?

  • How will you be applying for employment?

  • What is your ideal position and where would it be located?

  • How many WPM can you type?

Other Important Information to Consider

We would highly appreciate you emailing a copy of any training or course certificates, awards, recognitions, reports and any other additional resources which you might have.  I can only work with the details you have provided so the more information you can provide the better.   You will also find that when applying for positions online some recruitment software has built in scanning facilities, this enables you to upload your Résumé and then from your Résumé it will fill in the blanks, saving you A LOT of time and energy.  At AORaCC even software integration is taken into account when constructing your Résumé. This results in the format used to construct your Résumé, tailored specifically for your industry.  Examples of this type of application system being the submissions and applications for Leighton’s and Downers.

As noted on the University of Minnesota Duluth, Career and Internship Services Career Handbook, located in the table of contents it is clearly stated that psychologically “You cannot proofread your own writing and expect to catch all the errors. You are too close to the product and because you wrote it, your mind’s eye will miss mistakes – you will see what you think you wrote, not what is actually written”.  This is why I ask you to review your Résumé in detail to ensure any human errors are acknowledged and eradicated, should there be any.   I must enforce this please especially given my circumstance which you can find located here.  Although I am faced with potential barriers, I have taken this into account and this is why I provide quotes which are basically half of what other services charge.  I do also have an editor who double checks everything, however, I would rather be safe than sorry.   So please make sure you look at your Résumé meticulously and be sure to follow up with me immediately.  Also please do not stress if there is a small error on your Résumé, sometimes this can actually work in your favour, depending on the industry etc.

Here is a link to some examples of Résumé scanning software commonly used within the Australian business sectors: http://www.capterra.com/sem/applicant-tracking-software?gclid=CN6qlPHu0ckCFVgnvQodOdsDgw

Interesting to note, that most software scanners are actually based or created in America, this could be a clue as to the wording and spelling you would use.  You need to know what software system the potential employer is using to manipulate the application in your favour.  This is where my networking skills have equipped and assisted me greatly from providing and delivering services to outreach locations, where I was able to establish working relationships with large-scale employers and the Human Resource Departments.