Including the Training Organisation on your Resume

On your resume do you include the registered training organisation (aka RTO)? I continue to see resumes without the names of registered training organisation where people have completed their education and training. Just like people there are some dodgy registered training organisation out there and employers know them!! Therefore not including the registered training organisation on your resume can be of huge hindrance when applying for work. Another thing to remember is to include the year…

Why you need to display the RTO on your resume

RTO aka a Registered Training Organisation these service providers enable you to obtain National Qualified Training and Education. However, each organisation has its own method of delivery and how the services are presented, depending on the organisation size and access to funding this will determine the quality of services. Ultimately, this reflects in the employers experiences with individuals who obtain employment after completing their courses. Therefore the employers are able to identify the more effective provider and will prefer a the certain RTO, providing a step up above the rest of the candidates who have applied for employment. 

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