Thinking about a career?

Thinking about a career?

In today’s society, the opportunity to change careers has enable people to explore different fields of experience, therefore hesitating on commencing your career should not be prolonged. Let’s face it otherwise, you will end up at 50 still deciding on what to be come. I would suggest writing a strengths and weakness list like the one below.

For example:

Strengths Weakness
Mechanically minded Cooking
Enjoys traveling and camping Cleaning
Enjoys meeting new people Writing
Good at Mathematics Beefy sounding v8s
Team orientated  
Likes motorsports  


From this is can conclude that an apprenticeship within mechanics or mining might be an option for this person.

In finding employment within a field of your passion, can;

  1. Display familiarity with the concepts and equipment used when applying for a position
  2. Build stronger rapport with interviewers, workers, colleagues, representatives and customers
  3. Come across more confident in interviews and on the job
  4. Can contribute with a depth of insight into the business
  5. Display passion and authentic interest and contribute to the growth of the business
  6. Display genuine interest in developing knowledge becoming an asset to the business
  7. Identify areas of growth within the business

As you can see there are many different attributes which can be implemented went it comes with finding employment, personally I would suggest using this method to begin investigating and finding employment, as your passion will help invigorate your opportunities to finding employment.


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